Sunday, June 2, 2013

endings and beginnings

endings and beginnings - what charged things! and the poignant thing is that endings and beginnings are almost always paired. even endings that you want are often accompanied by some sorrow because whatever you are leaving served some purpose for you. and beginnings are mostly accompanied by anxiety.
i have been thinking of this a lot lately because i have to leave my job that i have had for the last 6 school years. i am excited and anxious to do my student teaching and then get my license and teach my own kindergarten - but i also am truly sad to leave my school where my dream to teach kindergarten was born. i have been able to watch my kinders grow (this year my first kinders "graduate" from elementary) - and it makes me sad to leave, because i won't get to see my other kiddos grow. and i know i will fall in love with a whole new class of kinders next year - but i won't get to see them after....
so, in my life right now i am in a nexus of happy/sad/anxious/excited  because an important phase of my life is ending and new one beginning

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